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The Natural Step Israel is leading, for the fifth year, the National Food Waste Reduction Week!

We are holding activities and sharing information that provide tools for raising awareness and encouraging action, which will lead to a reduction in food waste throughout the supply chain:

from the field to our home!

The Activities


Are you also holding an activity in honor of Food Waste Reduction Week? Share and tag @thenaturalstepisrael

12.3 Food Waste Reduction with Style, Asif Center - Tel Aviv 
What’s on the agenda of the most promising restaurant in the Middle East? With opening remarks from Michal Bitterman, CEO of The Natural Step Israel. For more details >> 

14.3 Food Waste Happening, Tel Aviv Port Market 

“Food Saving” stations for parents and children, such as: pickling vegetables, coloring, public reading of the book "Uri Oricon and the Power of Vegetables" by the writer Neta Keiler and more surprises. for more details>> 

15.3 LIVE on InstagramRam  -discourseThe open about Tsamboz
Yara Benvanishti interviews Michal Bitterman about everything you wanted to know about reducing food waste. To view click>> 


15.3 Fermentation Workshop, Mendel Center Tel Aviv

In the workshop we will learn about food waste, the reasons and learn all the tips about what we can do at home. In addition, we will learn how to ferment vegetables under the guidance of Chef Benny Ben Israel!! For more details>> 

16.3 Partying with Youth, "Kipod Center" Kfar Saba

Food waste reduction conference for youth leaders at 'Kipod' sustainability center. In collaboration with Latet and Shufersel and under the guidance of out guest chef

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Yarden Shay

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מורן גל


Ran Shmueli

Food Waste Mobile 

The official field activity of the week! 

Leading chefs will cook a spectacular chef's meal in homes across the country! 

What Can We Do During Food Waste Reduction Week? 

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What is a "food saving” business?

A business that does not waste food and offers end of day deals for food with a short shelf life, for example:

Cafes, delicatessens, bakeries, etc.

Joining the business complex is free of charge

Joining the business complex is free of charge

Click >> to join

Reduce Food Waste with Easy 

A complex of food businesses offering "end of day deals"

In collaboration with the easy app

Search in the app And discover the most worthwhile places!


Receive materials that include banners, postcards, and branding materials for advertising and sharing, along with booklets of tips and ideas especially cured for Food Waste Reduction Week! 

Leave details and we will get back to you as soon as possible

Thanks for submitting!

Thanks for submitting!

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