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Come and read tips for properly planning your week and shopping

אייקון של ירקות

 tonight's Plans?

Are you expecting a busy week that will reduce time spent in the kitchen? This is not the time to buy lots of vegetables, fruits and other products that will “hang out” in the fridge. Alternatively, did you overdo it by buying fruits and vegetables that will soon be too ripe? Invite friends over for a meal!

אייקון של מלחייה פלפליה

Host with logic

When it comes to guests, most of us like to overload the table and create a feeling of abundance, but is it really necessary?


אייקון של מקרר

Inventory check

After deciding what you will cook this week and before going shopping, take a look in the refrigerator and in the pantry and check what is already there and does not need to be renewed.

אייקון של חנות מכולת שכונתית

Buy “Close”

Public surveys reveal that monthly shopping trips at a large supermarket does not guarantee financial savings, since a large part of the inexpensive groceries will be thrown away because we did not have time to use them. Prioritize small one-off purchases of products required for the upcoming meal and avoid large and excessive purchases. 

אייקון של תוויות הנחה

Bull's Eye

Try to avoid 1+1 deals or other discounts, especially when it comes to vegetables and fruits that will quickly lose their freshness. This marketing method causes the products to quickly end up in the trash and is only suitable for those who will actually have time to cook with the ingredients before they expire.

אייקון של לוח שנה

Correcting the list

To reduce our  food waste, it is recommended to plan the weekly meals in advance and buy according to a pre-made list. Don't rely on memory and don't make spontaneous purchases - think about the whole week and be precise, in addition to reducing food waste, it will also save you money and time.

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