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באנר פרסומי לשבוע הצמבו"ז שיערך בין התאריכים 12-18 במרץ 2023

The National Food Waste Reduction Week

 The Natural Step Israel initiated Food Waste Reduction Day (FWD).


This year, the day turns into a week and it will be dedicated to the problem of food waste, and will be noted in cooperation with organizations, both public and private, across the country. 


The purpose of The National Food Waste Reduction Week is to raise awareness on the issue of food waste and encourage action that will reduce food waste along the entire supply chain: from the field, production, transport, distribution, catering/restaurants and finally in our home!


We invite you to take an active part wheather in the workplace, at home or in the community.

What Can We Do During Food Waste Reduction Week? 

Receive materials that include banners, postcards, and branding materials for advertising and sharing, along with booklets of tips and ideas especially cured for Food Waste Reduction Week! 

Leave details and we will get back to you as soon as possible

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Thanks for submitting!

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